A Word from the IAEA President, Theresa McGee

You made the difference!  This spring, a call to action went out asking you to tell the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) that the arts must be included in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  The ISBE heard you loud and clear, in fact, they received more responses on arts education than on any other topic, combined!  As a result, the ESSA State Plan now includes the arts, one of only five school quality indicators.  This is a major victory for art education in Illinois!

Let’s keep the up momentum!  We have opportunities for more victories, big and small within our classrooms and in our communities.  Make a point to engage with your colleagues in person and online.  IAEA has new forum area launched on the website  — just post a topic, share a resource, and offer some insights.  Visit the IAEA Facebook page often and follow IAEA on Twitter.  Share your success with others and learn from one another. Do you have a special talent to share or want to get a group of art educators together to see a cultural event?  Just submit an event request on the IAEA website, and we will help you publicize it! We are also thrilled to bring you PD in the comfort of your home through our webinar series, based on topics relevant to art education.

We have incredible potential when we make the time to take action and get involved.  IAEA hopes to serve you by creating a venue for collaboration, ideas, and advocacy.  It is through the power of collective thought that we advance our profession and enrich our own lives and the lives of others.