State-Wide Student Show 2019-2020

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Read more about the 2019-2020 IAEA Student Show and traveling locations…

Here are the NEW details . . .


  • You must be a certified art teacher K-12
  • You must teach at an accredited public, private, or charter school
  • Student’s artwork must be created this year
  • Student’s artwork must be created at school during the regular day in art or created @ home during remote learning art teacher assigned instruction.


The submission deadline was Friday, May 1st, 2020 @ midnight. Participating teachers have been notified of judging results.

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Tiemstra @ [email protected]

So happy you’re submitting work for the 2020-2021 IAEA Student Art Show!!!

Here are the NEW details


  • You must be a certified art teacher K-12
  • You must teach at an accredited public, private or charter school
  • Student’s Artwork must be created this year
  • Student’s Artwork must be created at school during the regular school day in art class or created @ home during remote learning art teacher assigned instruction.


  • Submission Deadline was Friday, May 1, 2020 @ midnight
  • Notification: 
    • Monday, May 18 by 5 pm 
  • NOTE – These dates are different from last year! 
    • Please keep your student’s artwork until you are notified. 


  • Select up to 10 of your General Education students’ works
      • Artwork must not exceed 18” x 24”
      • Artwork must not be thicker than 3/4” or on stretched canvas thicker than ¾” 
      • *New* now accepting photographic representation of three-dimensional/sculptural work  (due to logistics/possible breakage, photo only will be displayed).
    • You may also select and submit up to 10 Special Needs (IEP) Student Artworks (Under the same guidelines and rules.)
    • Photograph the artwork and crop the images, so they are ready for publication & a slide show if selected by the judges
    • Label your images one at a time with the following information in order, please: 
      • Teacher’s first & last name
      • School’s name
      • Student’s first & last name
      • student’s grade level
      • medium
      • Ie. Susan Tiemstra, Prospect, Sally Jones, 3rd, watercolor

    Curating the show: 

    • Our mission is to advocate for Art Teachers teaching Art in all Illinois Schools K-12.
    • Our intent is to showcase as many different art teachers and their students as possible from K-12 with works that exemplify best practices throughout the state.
    • Therefore, if chosen, you will only be chosen once in each category – General Education and Special Needs
    • If you handle all of the submissions for your Art Department or District, please make sure that each teacher’s name is associated with the correct student’s name

    If selected:

    • You will be asked to provide a short lesson description
    • If your student has an Artist Statement (either written or video), we would love to have that as well for the website
    • Students’ artwork will be professionally matted.
    • You will be sent a link to a Google Form for permissions & releases this year


    • Your student and you will be recognized at the 2020 IAEA Conference Student Art Show Reception and Ceremony
      • Bloomington-Normal, IL
      • Saturday, December 5, 2020
      • Timing – TBD

    The Traveling IAEA Student Art Show:

    • Your student’s piece will travel to locations throughout the state of Illinois from November 2020- August of 2021.

    Questions? Email Susan Tiemstra @ [email protected]

Judging the show:

  • Our judges look for work that demonstrates
    • creativity
    • originality
    • craftsmanship
    • personality/voice and communicates an idea
  • Judging is digital and blind regarding the artists’ and teacher’s identity.
  • Only the “medium” is known to the judges




3D student show


Photographs of 3D Artwork added to the IAEA Student Art Show 2020-2021!!!

This year, you may now submit photographs of 3D Student Artwork as part of your submission of “Up to 10 Pieces of Student Artwork” for the Student Art Show!

Should 3D artwork be selected, only the photograph will be on display (due to logistics/possible breakage). 

These pieces must follow the same guidelines as any of the 2D artworks you submit & should be submitted through the General Education OR Special Needs Submission Forms.

TIPS and image examples for submitting a good photograph of your students’ 3D work are provided by IAEA member Dawn Zalkus.

  • Choose the best single point of view of your 3D object. Do not composite multiple points of view
    • Shoot on a neutral background: white, black, grey or a gradient.
    • Look for a contrast between the art object and the background.


  • If within your budget purchasing a small light tent is helpful (around $100, like this) The tent helps cut down the glare associated with glazed ceramic or shiny works.
  • Consider asking your theater department or video department to shoot against their curtains.
  • Larger pieces may need to be taken to outdoor seating such as in nature, against an industrial-looking wall or even on a flat cement floor like in the instance of the panther.

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Show Winners!

All Winners



Christian Madsen

Teacher: Dawn Bertolotto-McKay

Hilltop Elementary

Media: Construction Paper and Oil Pastel

Giraffe Shapes:  This lesson was . . .

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Grace Loftus

Teacher: Laurel Scigouski

McDole Elementary

Media: Tempera

This project was inspired by . . .

Read more

1st Grade

Maya Gaseinica

Teacher: Heidi O’Hanley

Frank A. Brodnicki

Media: Mixed Media Collage

First grade created a city landscape . . .

Read more

Sonny Manglaris

Teacher: Tricia Fuglestad

Dryden Elementary

Media: Paper

First graders learned about collage . . .

Read more

2nd Grade

Anelli Lopez

Teacher: Heidi Gilkey

John Stewart Elementary

Media: Colored Pencil/Glitter

Medieval Portraits: 2nd-grade students studied . . .

Read more

Mason Baxter

Teacher: Katie Swalve

Westminster Christian

Media: Mixed Media

In this collage project, we discussed creating depth . . .

Read more

3rd Grade

Eva Higgins

Teacher: Amanda Borchert

River Valley School

Media: Tempera Paint

In this painting lesson, students were introduced to the expressionistic artist . . .

Read more

Aryanna Rosario

Teacher: Carolyn Kendell

Hermes Elementary

Media: Watercolor Crayon

Students were learning about warm and cool colors . . .

Read more

Berlyn Rubio

Teacher: Colleen Grigg

John Shields Elementary

Media: Marker, Chalk, Ink

Students began this lesson by . . .

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Catherine Liu

Teacher: Heather Kostal

Elm Elementary School

Media: Crayon

Students learned about using proportion . . .

Read more

4th Grade

Ava Bosman

Teacher: Eryn Blaser

Meadow Ridge

Media: Pencil

5th Grade

Gerardo Martinez

Teacher: Dr. Sherry Abdelhadi

Fairmont School

Media: Acrylic on Canvas

Keira Keegstra

Teacher: Joan Mills

Fry Elementary School

Media: Watercolor, Ink, Charcoal

Pumpkin Stack: This lesson is part . . .

Read more

Ahnika Dudley

Teacher: Marsha Stoll

Minooka Intermediate

Media: Tempera

5th grade practiced . . .

Read more

Lily Fish

Teacher: Renee Douglas

Lyle Elementary

Media: Tempera, Pencil, Sharpie

For this lesson, students were encouraged . . .

Read more

Karen Gu

Teacher: Susan Tiemstra

Prospect Elementary School

Media: Ebony Pencil

5th grade students posed, and their photos were taken . . .

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Breanna Ullrich

Teacher: Tina Wagner

Valley View Elementary

Media: Pencil Collage

Objectives: We will make experiences for people to LOOK at . . .

Read more

6th Grade

Rebeka Eisner

Teacher: Alicia York

Glenn Westlake Middle School

Media: Crayon/India Ink

Students study & draw animals from printed photographs . . .

Read more

Ta'Shawn Watkins

Teacher: Jen Baker

Bloomington Junior High School

Media: Pencil

Samantha Retelny

Teacher: Kristen Peck

Saint Clement School

Media: Marker

Students learned that they can shade with ink . . .

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7th Grade

Victoria Helms

Teacher: Carissa Zill

Hester Junior High

Media: Colored Pencil

Katie Tschosik

Teacher: Theresa McGee

Hinsdale Middle School

Media: Digital Collage

During this art experience, the students learned about many contemporary artists . . .

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Sumi Pandiri

Teacher: Kelly Sabatini

Marie Murphy

Media: Pastels

“Close”-up Animal . . .

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8th Grade

Annie Sinclair

Teacher: Camille Strode

Thomas Metcalf

Media: Gouche

Elliah Chamberlain

Teacher: Donna Davis

Still Middle School

Media: Scratchboard

How do you get middle school students . . .

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Claudia Zygmunt

Teacher: Elizabeth Farnesi

Wilkins Junior High

Media: Acrylic

Lesson Description . . .

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Samantha Lund

Teacher: Kelly Eggleston

Woodland Middle School

Media: Acrylic Paint

Students selected an artist's work . . .

Read more

Daisy Almanza

Teacher: Luanne Gritton

John Deere Middle School

Media: Pencil/Watercolor

Portraits (proportions, shading, value, facial features) . . .

Read more

Kassandra Leon

Teacher: Rebecca Hubbs

Wredling Middle School

Media: Watercolor/Pencil

Title: Eye Work . . .

Read more

9th Grade

Brynn Haas

Teacher: Dorothy Ramey

Stockton High School

Media: Watercolor

For this project, students needed . . .

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Isabella Pellicano

Teacher: Venessa Hardy

Lisle Sr. High School

Media: Photography

10th Grade

Anna Creviston

Teacher: Amber Akes

Marion High School

Media: White Charcoal

Media- Compressed and Vine Charcoal/white pastel/White Charcoal Pencils . . .

Read more

Samara Jaquez

Teacher: Laura Milas

Hinsdale Central High School

Media: Pastel

Samara was a student . . .

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Kimberly Fitzsimmons

Teacher: Nick Vogt

Pontiac Township High School

Media: Pen

Objective: Students will create a drawing using pen . . .

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11th Grade

Kristin Farrey

Teacher: Diane Siese

Galena High School

Media: Acrylic

The students were to create . . .

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Kenzie Ring

Teacher: Dr. Carol Bristol

Westminster Christian School

Media: Graphite

Fundamentals of Design . . .

Read more

Megan Dunn

Teacher: Judy Krueger

Johnsburg High School

Media: Digital

Megan was an advanced AP Studio Art Drawing Student . . .

Read more

Devin Brown

Teacher: Michael Skura

Oswego High School

Media: Oil Paint

Jocelyn Arizaga

Teacher: Judd Shutt

Crystal Lake Central High School

Media: Digital Illustration

12th Grade

Kaitlin Vainowski

Teacher: Frank Bush

Henry Senachwine High School

Media: Lino Cut Reductive Block Print

Reductive Block printing lesson . . .

Read more

Special Needs

Bradley May

Teacher: Alicia York

Glenn Westlake Middle School

Media: Paper Collage

Torn paper portraits . . .

Read more

Xander Delguidice

Teacher: Alicia York

Glenn Westlake Middle School

Media: Colored Pencil/Sharpie

Kaleidoscopes can be made from various sized triangles . . .

Read more

Valerie Zurita

Teacher: Dr. Sherry Abdelhadi

Fairmont School

Media: Colored Pencil

Mahi Shah

Teacher: Kelly Eggleston

Woodland Middle School

Media: Mixed Media

Students studied Van Gogh's painting "Irises" and symmetry . . .

Read more

Michael Dziabala

Teacher: Heidi O’Hanley

Brodnicki Elementary

Media: Crayon on Cardboard

Students were asked to create an underwater scene . . .

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