Copic Marker Workshop Webinar

Copic Marker Workshop with Artist Matt Brundage

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Learn these basics that most professionals do not know and the sky is the limit to were your art can go with Copics. In this clinic, we will be learning:

  • Getting multiple values from single markers using layering and a Copic solution.
  • two color blends
  • 3 color blends
  • Color layering for infinite color combinations
  • Using the colorless blender for special effects and textures

Matt Brundage is a respected illustrator, animator, sculptor and comic book artist which has seen him produce work for many of the major Western publishers including Marvel  DC, Dark horse Comics.  He has illustrated iconic characters such as BatmanSupermanWonder Womanthe HulkSpider ManDaredevilWolverineStar WarsJudge Dredd Ren and Stimpy and the Simpsons amongst others. In addition, he works as an illustrator in book, record and magazine publishing and undertakes design and storyboarding work for multimedia and the entertainment industry and illustrated for movies like Chasing Amy, Astroesque, and Eyes to Heaven.
Recent projects include drawing the new ongoing Art Ops! comic from Vertigo/DC, Zombie Cagefighter, Dragons Of Blizzard Island for Big bang Toys, fine art paintings for the San Diego Zoo and assorted Star Wars! trading cards from Topps, .phew! 
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