Council Pages

What Are Regional Councils?

Regional Councils provide opportunities for educators to come together in their local regions for professional development, social gatherings, and advocacy efforts. Get to know the other arts educators in your area and enhance your practice. Contact your Regional Council leadership if you have an idea for an event or want to share programming in your area and be sure to stay connected with dedicated Facebook groups.

Council FAQ

How do I know which council is right for me?  Councils are determined regionally in the state by county. (Check out the map below.)

Can anyone plan an event or social outing?  Yes, any member can! The council depends on the input of its members, who best know the variety of activities and opportunities in their area. Submit an event request or contact your council leadership. 

How should I let IAEA know what’s going on in my area?  Post on your council’s Facebook group or contact your council leadership.

What’s My Council? (You can choose either where you live or where you work)