Student Show 2019-2020

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Student Show Winners!

Read more about the 2019-2020 IAEA Student Show and traveling locations…

The submission window for the 2020-2021 show opens on February 21st.
Submissions close: Friday, May 1st, 2020 @ midnight

NOTE: This is a later schedule this year, so please hold on to any artwork you have submitted until after selections are announced.
If you have any questions, please contact Susan Tiemstra @

So happy you’re submitting work for the 2020-2021 IAEA Student Art Show!!!

Here are the details…


  • You must be a certified art teacher K-12
  • You must teach at an accredited public, private or charter school
  • Student’s Artwork must be created this year
  • Student’s Artwork must be created at school during the regular school day in art class


  • Submissions open: February 21, 2020
  • Submission Deadline: Friday, May 1, 2020 @ midnight
  • Notification: 
    • Wednesday, May 20-Friday, May 22 – Notification
  • NOTE – These dates are different from last year! 
    • Please keep your student’s artwork until you are notified. 


  • Select up to 10 of your General Education students’ works
    • Artwork must not exceed 18” x 24”
    • Artwork must not be thicker than 3/4” or on stretched canvas thicker than ¾” 
  • You may also select and submit up to 10 Special Needs (IEP) Student Artworks (Under the same guidelines and rules.)
  • Photograph the artwork and crop the images, so they are ready for publication & a slide show if selected by the judges
  • Label your images one at a time with the following information in order, please: 
    • Teacher’s first & last name
    • School’s name
    • Student’s first & last name
    • student’s grade level
    • medium
    • Ie. Susan Tiemstra, Prospect, Sally Jones, 3rd, watercolor

Curating the show: 

  • Our mission is to advocate for Art Teachers teaching Art in all Illinois Schools K-12.
  • Our intent is to showcase as many different art teachers and their students as possible from K-12 with works that exemplify best practice throughout the state.
  • Therefore, if chosen, you will only be chosen once in each category – General Education and Special Needs
  • If you handle all of the submissions for your Art Department or District, please make sure that each teacher’s name is associated with the correct student’s name

If selected:

  • You will be asked to provide a short lesson description
  • If your student has an Artist Statement (either written or video), we would love to have that as well for the website
  • Students’ artwork will be professionally matted.
  • You will be sent a link to a Google Form for permissions & releases this year


  • Your student and you will be recognized at the 2020 IAEA Conference Student Art Show Reception and Ceremony
    • Bloomington-Normal, IL
    • Saturday, December 5, 2020
    • Timing – TBD

The Traveling IAEA Student Art Show:

  • Your student’s piece will travel to locations throughout the state of Illinois from November 2020- August of 2021.

Questions? Email Susan Tiemstra @

Judging the show:

  • Our judges look for work that demonstrates
    • creativity
    • originality
    • craftsmanship
    • personality/voice and communicates an idea
  • Judging is digital and blind regarding the artists’ and teacher’s identity.
  • Only the “medium” is known to the judges




All Winners



Christian Madsen

Teacher: Dawn Bertolotto-McKay

Hilltop Elementary

Media: Construction Paper and Oil Pastel

Giraffe Shapes:  This lesson was . . .

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Grace Loftus

Teacher: Laurel Scigouski

McDole Elementary

Media: Tempera

This project was inspired by . . .

Read more

1st Grade

Maya Gaseinica

Teacher: Heidi O’Hanley

Frank A. Brodnicki

Media: Mixed Media Collage

First grade created a city landscape . . .

Read more

Sonny Manglaris

Teacher: Tricia Fuglestad

Dryden Elementary

Media: Paper

First graders learned about collage . . .

Read more

2nd Grade

Anelli Lopez

Teacher: Heidi Gilkey

John Stewart Elementary

Media: Colored Pencil/Glitter

Medieval Portraits: 2nd-grade students studied . . .

Read more

Mason Baxter

Teacher: Katie Swalve

Westminster Christian

Media: Mixed Media

In this collage project, we discussed creating depth . . .

Read more

3rd Grade

Eva Higgins

Teacher: Amanda Borchert

River Valley School

Media: Tempera Paint

In this painting lesson, students were introduced to the expressionistic artist . . .

Read more

Aryanna Rosario

Teacher: Carolyn Kendell

Hermes Elementary

Media: Watercolor Crayon

Students were learning about warm and cool colors . . .

Read more

Berlyn Rubio

Teacher: Colleen Grigg

John Shields Elementary

Media: Marker, Chalk, Ink

Students began this lesson by . . .

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Catherine Liu

Teacher: Heather Kostal

Elm Elementary School

Media: Crayon

Students learned about using proportion . . .

Read more

4th Grade

Ava Bosman

Teacher: Eryn Blaser

Meadow Ridge

Media: Pencil

5th Grade

Gerardo Martinez

Teacher: Dr. Sherry Abdelhadi

Fairmont School

Media: Acrylic on Canvas

Keira Keegstra

Teacher: Joan Mills

Fry Elementary School

Media: Watercolor, Ink, Charcoal

Pumpkin Stack: This lesson is part . . .

Read more

Ahnika Dudley

Teacher: Marsha Stoll

Minooka Intermediate

Media: Tempera

5th grade practiced . . .

Read more

Lily Fish

Teacher: Renee Douglas

Lyle Elementary

Media: Tempera, Pencil, Sharpie

For this lesson, students were encouraged . . .

Read more

Karen Gu

Teacher: Susan Tiemstra

Prospect Elementary School

Media: Ebony Pencil

5th grade students posed, and their photos were taken . . .

Read more

Breanna Ullrich

Teacher: Tina Wagner

Valley View Elementary

Media: Pencil Collage

Objectives: We will make experiences for people to LOOK at . . .

Read more

6th Grade

Rebeka Eisner

Teacher: Alicia York

Glenn Westlake Middle School

Media: Crayon/India Ink

Students study & draw animals from printed photographs . . .

Read more

Ta'Shawn Watkins

Teacher: Jen Baker

Bloomington Junior High School

Media: Pencil

Samantha Retelny

Teacher: Kristen Peck

Saint Clement School

Media: Marker

Students learned that they can shade with ink . . .

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7th Grade

Victoria Helms

Teacher: Carissa Zill

Hester Junior High

Media: Colored Pencil

Katie Tschosik

Teacher: Theresa McGee

Hinsdale Middle School

Media: Digital Collage

During this art experience, the students learned about many contemporary artists . . .

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Sumi Pandiri

Teacher: Kelly Sabatini

Marie Murphy

Media: Pastels

“Close”-up Animal . . .

Read more

8th Grade

Annie Sinclair

Teacher: Camille Strode

Thomas Metcalf

Media: Gouche

Elliah Chamberlain

Teacher: Donna Davis

Still Middle School

Media: Scratchboard

How do you get middle school students . . .

Read more

Claudia Zygmunt

Teacher: Elizabeth Farnesi

Wilkins Junior High

Media: Acrylic

Lesson Description . . .

Read more

Samantha Lund

Teacher: Kelly Eggleston

Woodland Middle School

Media: Acrylic Paint

Students selected an artist's work . . .

Read more

Daisy Almanza

Teacher: Luanne Gritton

John Deere Middle School

Media: Pencil/Watercolor

Portraits (proportions, shading, value, facial features) . . .

Read more

Kassandra Leon

Teacher: Rebecca Hubbs

Wredling Middle School

Media: Watercolor/Pencil

Title: Eye Work . . .

Read more

9th Grade

Brynn Haas

Teacher: Dorothy Ramey

Stockton High School

Media: Watercolor

For this project, students needed . . .

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Isabella Pellicano

Teacher: Venessa Hardy

Lisle Sr. High School

Media: Photography

10th Grade

Anna Creviston

Teacher: Amber Akes

Marion High School

Media: White Charcoal

Media- Compressed and Vine Charcoal/white pastel/White Charcoal Pencils . . .

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Samara Jaquez

Teacher: Laura Milas

Hinsdale Central High School

Media: Pastel

Samara was a student . . .

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Kimberly Fitzsimmons

Teacher: Nick Vogt

Pontiac Township High School

Media: Pen

Objective: Students will create a drawing using pen . . .

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11th Grade

Kristin Farrey

Teacher: Diane Siese

Galena High School

Media: Acrylic

The students were to create . . .

Read more

Kenzie Ring

Teacher: Dr. Carol Bristol

Westminster Christian School

Media: Graphite

Fundamentals of Design . . .

Read more

Megan Dunn

Teacher: Judy Krueger

Johnsburg High School

Media: Digital

Megan was an advanced AP Studio Art Drawing Student . . .

Read more

Devin Brown

Teacher: Michael Skura

Oswego High School

Media: Oil Paint

Jocelyn Arizaga

Teacher: Judd Shutt

Crystal Lake Central High School

Media: Digital Illustration

12th Grade

Kaitlin Vainowski

Teacher: Frank Bush

Henry Senachwine High School

Media: Lino Cut Reductive Block Print

Reductive Block printing lesson . . .

Read more

Special Needs

Bradley May

Teacher: Alicia York

Glenn Westlake Middle School

Media: Paper Collage

Torn paper portraits . . .

Read more

Xander Delguidice

Teacher: Alicia York

Glenn Westlake Middle School

Media: Colored Pencil/Sharpie

Kaleidoscopes can be made from various sized triangles . . .

Read more

Valerie Zurita

Teacher: Dr. Sherry Abdelhadi

Fairmont School

Media: Colored Pencil

Mahi Shah

Teacher: Kelly Eggleston

Woodland Middle School

Media: Mixed Media

Students studied Van Gogh's painting "Irises" and symmetry . . .

Read more

Michael Dziabala

Teacher: Heidi O’Hanley

Brodnicki Elementary

Media: Crayon on Cardboard

Students were asked to create an underwater scene . . .

Read more