State-Wide Student Show

2023 IAEA Statewide Student Art Show

We’re looking for 2023 Illinois Kindergarten – 12th Grade Art ambassadors
for Art Curriculum in Illinois Schools!

It’s so important to celebrate you and your students through their artwork, and at the same time, advocate for The Arts. We know so well that The Arts are so important for our students’ social and emotional needs, and that when we create, we not only express ourselves, we are renewed, invigorated & joyful!!!

The Student Art Show Opening with the Awards Ceremony & Reception
@ the Illinois Art Education Association’s
75th Annual Conference!!!!
Saturday, October 21, 2023
The Q Center, St. Charles

Submission Details & Rules for the 2023 Student Art Show:


  • You must be a certified art teacher K-12
  • You must teach at an accredited public, private or charter school
  • Student’s Artwork must be created this school year

If selected:

  • You will be sent a link to a Teacher Information Google Form to gather this information:
    • Your contact information
    • Contact information about your student and principal
    • a short lesson description of your student’s chosen artwork
    • an Artist Statement, if your student has either written one or made a video
    • a photo or selfie of you for a slide show… full body or from the waist up
      • parents/students will be asked for a photo or selfie also
  • I will ask you to forward a link to your student’s parents/guardians for their permission & releases this year
  • You will need to mail your student’s actual 2D artwork or photograph of your student’s 3D artwork to me by Friday, June 30th
    • NO actual 3D artwork will be displayed. A photograph of the piece will be matted and framed.
    • All 2D artwork and photographs of 3D artwork will get matted professionally, and inserted into IAEA frames to be viewed.
  • You and your student will be recognized at the 2022 IAEA Conference Statewide Student Art Show Ceremony & Reception:
    • In-Person @ the Q Center, St. Charles, IL on Saturday, October 21, 2023 
  • The framed pieces will travel to locations throughout Illinois.
  • A slide show will be created and located on the IAEA Website.

Judging the show:

  • 45 student artworks will be chosen by the judges.
  • Our judges look for work that demonstrates creativity, originality, craftsmanship, personality/voice, and communicates an idea.
  • Our judging is digital and blind regarding the artists’ identity.
    • Please make sure that your images do not have any identifying  information on them
    • Only the medium and grade level is known to the judges
  • Submitting:
    • Select up to 10 of your students’ 2D artworks & 3D/sculptural works.
    • Only photographs of 3D work will be accepted, not the original piece for safety sake.
    • Artworks may not be thicker than ½” and all student artwork and/or photographs of 3D work must fit into an 18” x 24” metal frame.
    • The submission form allows for the submission of 10 images at one time, so you only need to submit 1 form with your information, and because each image will be labeled, you will not need to repeat information into the form… uploading the image will do it!
    • Labeling instructions are listed below.
    • Good images…  a really good/publication ready photo of each piece is needed, cropped and ready for the slide show! This image, if chosen, will go straight onto the website, into the slide show, into the Conference program, and onto special surprises we have in store for you and your student artist, so this is really important!

    3 Videos to help with taking photographs of student artwork … just click on each image.

      • Label EACH image with the following information IN THIS ORDER, please:
        • Teacher’s first & last name, School’s name, Student’s first & last name, student’s grade level, medium
    • EXAMPLE:
        • 1. Susan Tiemstra, your school, student’s first & last name, student’s grade level & medium
        • 2. Susan Tiemstra, your school, student’s first & last name, student’s grade level & medium
        • 3. Susan Tiemstra, your school, student’s first & last name, student’s grade level & medium
        • Etc. up to 10 images
    • Artwork will NOT be accepted without labeling on each image!


  • Submissions OPEN: Friday, February 24, 2023
  • Submission DEADLINE: Friday, April 21, 2023 @ midnight 
  • Judging Window:  Monday, April 24 – Monday, May 8 @ 8am
  • Notification: by Thursday, May 11, by Midnight
    • The April 21st closing date is chosen based on some high schools and private schools that finish mid-May, and time calculated for judging and notifying.
    • The Submission Window is 8 weeks long.
  • Curating the show: 
    • Our mission is to advocate for Art Teachers teaching Art Curriculum in all Illinois Schools K-12.
    • Our intent is to showcase as many different art teachers and their students as possible from K-12 with works that exemplify best practice throughout the state.
      • Therefore, if chosen, you will only be chosen once.
    • If you handle all of the submissions for your Art Department or District, please make sure that each teacher’s name is associated with the correct student’s name & that each member you are submitting for is a member of IAEA.

    Advocating for The Arts: The Traveling IAEA Student Art Show:

    • Your student’s piece will travel to locations throughout the state of Illinois in a slide show from November 2022- August of 2023.

    Questions? Email Susan Tiemstra @ [email protected] or text to 1-630-732-5718

You may submit photographs of 3D Student Artwork as part of your submission of “Up to 10 Pieces of Student Artwork” for the Student Art Show!

These Photographs of 3D pieces must follow

the same guidelines 

as any of the 2D artworks you submit


TIPS and image examples for submitting a good photograph of your students’ 3D work are provided by IAEA Member, Dawn Zalkus.

  • Choose the best single point of view of your 3D object. Do not composite multiple points of view
    • Shoot on a neutral background: white, black, grey or a gradient.
    • Look for a contrast between the art object and the background.


    • If within your budget purchasing a small light tent is helpful (around $100, like this( The tent helps cut down the glare associated with glazed ceramic or shiny works.
    • Consider asking your theater department or video department to shoot against their curtains.
    • Larger pieces may need to be taken to an outdoor seating such as in nature, against an industrial looking wall or even on a flat cement floor like in the instance of the panther.

    If you have any questions, please email Susan Tiemstra @ [email protected]

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 Student Winners!


Joseph Licastro

Teacher: Dawn Bertolotto-McKay

Hilltop School

Media: Marker & Paper

Tamar Topaz

Teacher: Rebecca McNealy

Hickory Point

Media: Tempera Paint

1st Grade

Alejandra Navarrete

Teacher: Laura Allan

North Elementary School

Media: Mixed Media

2nd Grade

Lillianne Jurek

Teacher: Michael Freitag

Lake Louise

Media: Mixed-Media

Penelope Arroyo

Teacher: Colleen Grigg

John Shields Elementary

Media: Tempera

3rd Grade

Issac Angel

Teacher: Lauren Martinkus

Robina Lyle Elementary

Media: Oil Pastels

Lucy Nguyen

Teacher: Laurel Scigouski


Media: Plastic

4th Grade

Jenna Edwards

Teacher: Tracy Zerwas

Shipman Elementary School

Media: Watercolor

Mckenna Hone

Teacher: Diane McLuckie

Reed Custer Elementary

Media: Markers

5th Grade

Nicole Hsu

Teacher: Laura Frazier

Our Lady of The Wayside School

Media: Oil Pastel

Amanda Michael

Teacher: Amanda Kurzawski

Wayne Thomas Elementary

Media: Colored Pencil & Pen

Bennett Bauer

Teacher: Jasmine Anderson

Madison Elementary

Media: Tempera & Sharpie

6th Grade

Faith Garza

Teacher: Heidi O'Hanley


Media: Digital Artwork

Keithlyn Munoz

Teacher: Linda Williams

Prairie Grove JH

Media: Clay

Rylee Dibendetto

Teacher: Tammy Kordik

Nelson Ridge School

Media: Tempera & Marker

7th Grade

Ave Chandler

Teacher: Sarah Heflin

Central Middle School

Media: Watercolor & Colored Pencil

Isabella Podgorski

Teacher: Kori Paulson

Big Hollow Middle School

Media: Colored Pencil

Jennifer Sanchez

Teacher: Logan Hamilton

Geneseo Middle School

Media: Cut Paper & Watercolor

Sophia Coventry

Teacher: Angela McKimson

Liberty Junior High School

Media: Sharpie & Pencil

8th Grade

Grace Bryant

Teacher: Eryn Blaser

Orland Junior High School

Media: Mixed Media

Natalia Stanibula

Teacher: Elizabeth Farnesi

Wilkins Junior High

Media: Graphite

Rachel Chen

Teacher: Donna Davis

Still Middle School

Media: Chalk Pastel

Teagan Russell

Teacher: Grace Traynor

Parkside Junior High School

Media: Photography

Violet Umbrasas

Teacher: Carissa Zill

Pleasantdale Middle School

Media: Ceramic, Acrylic on Canvas

Yin Roy

Teacher: Theresa McGee

Hinsdale Middle School

Media: Watercolor

Zion Gibson

Teacher: Veronica Soria-Martinez

West Middle School

Media: Collage & Acrylics

9th Grade

Alanna Kozbiel

Teacher: Daniel Whipple

Oswego High School

Media: Color Pencil

Angela Wang

Teacher: Vennesa Hardy

Lisle high School

Media: Gouache

Grace McFarland

Teacher: Kristen LaJeunesse Roach

Lake Zurich High School

Media: Digital Photography

Mayren Crawley

Teacher: Frank Bush

Henry Senachwine High School

Media: Ink & Pen

Max Asher-Wright

Teacher: Brad Keim

Waterloo High School

Media: Markers & Ink

Olivia Powell

Teacher: Aaron Kolkay

Oswego High School

Media: Cardboard

10th Grade

Aniya Davis

Teacher: Libby McArthur

Evergreen Park Community High School

Media: Digital Photo

Natalie Pawlinski

Teacher: Denise Albright

Plainfield South High School

Media: Acrylic Paint

Tiffany Zhao

Teacher: Robyn Butler

Watseka Community High School

Media: Mixed Media Collage

11th Grade

Anna Gavin

Teacher: Grahame Wilkin

Aurora Christian High School

Media: Acrylic on Board

Chloe Thavong

Teacher: Heather stanich

Oswego East High School

Media: Watercolor

Hadleigh Swetz

Teacher: Michael Berry

Zeigler Royalton High School

Media: Watercolor

Jordan Harris

Teacher: Kerry Parrish

Crystal Lake Central High School

Media: Digital Photography

Melissa Alvarez

Teacher: Michael Jansma

Round Lake high School

Media: Ceramic

Patrice St Jean

Teacher: Kristine Marcordes

Homewood Flossmoor High School

Media: Digital Painting

12th Grade

Corey Perry

Teacher: Crystal Miguez

Bloom Trail High School

Media: Digital Art

Dani Kinsey

Teacher: Amber Akes

Marion High School

Media: Photography

Danielle Donovan

Teacher: Michael Skura

Oswego High School

Media: Colored Pencil

Katie O'Driscoll

Teacher: Lisa Cook

Oswego East High School

Media: Digital Photography

2022 Student Film & Animation Winners Showcase!

Leo Liu, 8th Grade

Teacher: Theresa McGee, Hinsdale Middle School

Andrew Siebert, 4th Grade

Teacher: Laura Allen, North School

Noah Hynd & Emma Abraham, 8th Grade

Teacher: Linda Williams, Prairie Grove JH

Nikky Donev, 7th Grade

Teacher: Linda Williams, Prairie Grove JH

Kristy DeLaTorre, 3rd Grade

Teacher: Laura Allan, North School

Whitney Carpenter & Valeria Castellano, 12th Grade

Teacher: Michaela Gomez, Danville High School

Reese Zaleski, 7th Grade

Teacher: Linda Williams, Prairie Grove JH

Makenna Hoogerwerf, Andrew Smith, & Kaitlyn Von Nordheim, 10th-11th-12th Grade

Teacher: Margaret Kuchan, Washington Community High School

Kelly McCarthy, 12th Grade

Teacher: Libby McArthur Evergreen Park Community High School

Thank you to our student show sponsors who provided art gifts for winning students and teachers!