Student Show

IAEA Student Art Show 2017

Thank you to those who submitted to the 2017-2018 IAEA Student Show, we will be announcing winners in the fall.

For more information regarding submitting artwork, judging or hosting the show please contact Susan Tiemstra at studentshow@ilaea.org

2016-2017 Student Show Winners

Student Artists Grade Level School Art Teacher
Sam DiPasquale Kindergarten Prospect Elementary School Susan Tiemstra
Jack Wickenhauser Kindergarten Brighton North Elementary School Tracy Zerwas
Jackson Mannia Kindergarten John Stewart Elementary School Heidi Gilkey
Alena Padavana 1st Blackberry Creek Elementary School Kara Berth
Brody Lidbury 1st Hilltop Elementary School Dawn Bertolotto-McKay
Karis DePaz 2nd Dryden Elementary School Tricia Fuglestad
Antonio Scommegna 2nd St. Clement School Kristen Peck
Jacob Stauss 2nd Westminster Christian School Katie Swalve
Zoya Photowala 2nd Ellsworth Elementary School Jennifer Pak
Brian Baran 3rd Medinah Intermediate School Robin Russell
Matthew Rensberger 3rd Valley View Elementary School Tina Wagner
Caitlyn Bergman 4th Fry Elementary School Joan Mills
Delilah Askew 4th John Stewart Elementary School Laura Schramuk
Rithik Thekiniath 4th Fry Elementary School Joan Mills
Paige Foster 4th John Shields Elementary School Colleen Grigg
Szymon Filipczyk 5th Frank A. Brodnicki Elementary School Heidi O’Hanley
Claudia Zygmunt 5th Frank A. Brodnicki Elementary School Heidi O’Hanley
Grant Grabowski 5th McDole Elementary School Laurel Scigouski
Catherine Chang 5th Brookdale Elementary School Angie Bader
Haya Khan 5th Meadow Ridge School Eryn Blaser
Gustavo Gonzalez 6th Lincoln School Lee Ann Karsbaek
Ellie Melvin 6th Lake Zurich Middle School North Jacqueline Bevan
Simone Tallentire 6th Hinsdale Middle School Theresa McGee
Emily Kwasny 6th Hester Jr. High School Carissa Zill
Khalia Booker 6th Fairmont School Dr. Sherry Abdelhadi
Grace Petrey 7th Glen Crest Middle School Rich Stachon
Ilhana Kisija 7th Old Orchard Jr. High School Stephanie Saint Martin
Claire Kiernicki 7th Cambridge Lakes Home School Cindy Kiernicki
Rachel Kolb 8th Still Middle School Donna Davis
Sophia Snider 8th Martino Jr. High School Brooke Young
Serena Palao 8th Komarek School Rebecca Staszak
Charlie Sims 8th Lake Zurich Middle School North Jacqueline Bevan
Shubham Patel 8th Yorkville Middle School Marnie Brophy
Kaitlin Vainowski 9th Henry-Senachwine High School Frank Bush
Magan Lay 9th Niles West High School John Zilewicz
Arianna Thomas 9th Marian Catholic High School Lisa Garrett
Noah Melter 10th Lakes Community High School Kevin Shifley
Kathleen Schmidt 10th Homewood-Flossmoor High School Greg Petecki
Vaiva Staugaityte 10th Lisle Senior High School Venessa Hardy
Lucy Sloan 11th Homewood-Flossmoor High School Kristine Weidenhoefer
Taylor Adrian 11th Galena High School Diane Siese


Scott Dickman 11th Westminster Christian School Dr. Carol Bristol
Shiloah Coley 12th Homewood-Flossmoor High School Jackie Wargo
Donna Dimirtova 12th Hinsdale Central High School Laura Milas
Gayle Hernandez 12th Belvidere High School Jilian Reints

About the Student Show

About the Student Show

The 2016-2017 IAEA Student Art Show – “Redefining Extraordinary” demonstrates to the public the breadth of experience young people in Illinois are getting in their art programs.

Each year Illinois Art Education Association members are asked to submit images of stellar artwork that was created in their classroom.  All art submissions are 2 dimensional projects produced through a variety of techniques; painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, weaving and metal work are just a few examples.

This year 790 pieces of art from students in grades Kindergarten through high school were submitted by eighty-five teachers. This is the first year that we added the Special Needs category to the IAEA Student Show. The IAEA Board and the Student Show Co-Chairs, felt the need to celebrate the importance of students with special needs and their creativity.

From the artwork submitted, 40 student pieces plus 5 pieces from students with Special Needs were chosen.  The judges were art teachers representing elementary, middle school & the high school level.  The judging process is long & labored due to the tremendous amount of high quality work submitted.

For the IAEA Student Art Show each of the forty-five pieces were professionally mounted & framed.  The show opened at the IAEA conference in November, with a student artist reception & awards ceremony.

We would like to congratulate all 45 Student Artists and their Art Educators who submitted their work on being selected to be in the 2016-2017 IAEA Student Art Show!

The Artist Reception was held at the 2016 IAEA Conference on Saturday November 5th, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. During this celebration these artists, their family, friends, and art teachers celebrated their artistic talents.

After the conference the show travels to the Illinois School Board Association State Conference, schools, libraries, and galleries throughout the state.

Teachers, start collecting artwork to show off your students hard work!

2017-2018 Student Show

Deadline for submitting for the 2017-2018 Student Show is Monday, April 24th, 2017

Please submit your students’ artwork by filling out the form under the “Entry Form” tab on this page.

fill out a form for each student artist, upload/attach each artwork to this form and “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

(You will be able to fill out another form for each student artist and artwork after each submission.)

Student Artwork Images submitted for consideration must:
-Be in a digital “jpeg” format. It is preferred that images submitted have the highest resolution possible, please.

-Cropped to the edges of the image, and ready for publication.

What if I am totally confused and don’t know how to use this form to submit artwork?
The best advice is to first meet with someone in your building who may be able to help, such as a tech coordinator. There is usually a resident expert in every school.

If you need any additional help, please contact me, Susan TIemstra @ studentshow@ilaea.org.
I will be happy to walk you through any questions.

By submitting this form, you (the guardian) agree to the following statement:

“ I give my authorization to submit my child’s artwork to the IAEA Student Art Show. I understand that if my child’s work is selected it will be part of a traveling exhibition throughout the state of Illinois during the months of November 2017- August 2018. I agree to allow the IAEA to publish the name of my child on IAEA materials in relation to this show and this show only.”

Thank you so much for submitting!

Special Needs Student Show Information

For the 2016-2017 IAEA Student Art Show we would like to invite Art educators to submit artworks created by their special needs students. We wanted to open the doors for all student artworks to be considered for the IAEA Student Show. I know sometimes we feel that some of our student’s art works might not be considered, due to the quality. For certain students, that artwork might be the best work they ever created. The students should be considered and honored for the work they have made and not be judged on the same platform.

Art educators work to develop projects, ideas, tools, techniques, and resources that help foster the children’s strengths, working towards building on weaknesses, mobility, repetition, and creativity.  As Art educators, we try our best to meet the needs of all of our students.  We learn something everyday from them. They challenge us to think differently about the creative process. Every person can be a maker, a creator and inventor, and a problem solver. It amazes me what children come up with and how they interpret the world around them. When they struggle, they let us know and we work towards another idea or way for them to be successful.

For this show we will be considering 5 works (K-12th grade) of art to be considered to be in the Student Show. The same rules apply for the consideration for this show. There are a few added rules.

  1. Students must have completed at least a certain percentage of the art works by themselves with assistance from an Art Educator and or paraprofessional. Assistance can mean many things depending on the age of the student artist and their physical and mental abilities to be able to do and not to be able to do certain techniques and steps in making an artwork. We are looking for a balance of student independence as well as assistance when needed.
  2. The student must have an IEP .

We hope you will consider submitting art works! We wanted to open the doors for all student artworks to be considered for the IAEA Student Show