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Sample Webinar above! Connecting and Communication with Your Students During Challenging Times. Presenters: Tricia Fuglestad, Chris Grodoski, & Jen Wargin

Join us for our 2nd webinar of the 21-22 season!

Recognizing and Countering Dominant Narratives in Art Education

Wednesday, September 22nd

6:30 pm CST

Presenter: Carol-lynn Comparetto, Tanya Scott, &Albert Stalber
1.5 Professional Hours Available
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Curriculum and Techniques

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Digital Get's Dirty: Alternative Photography Techniques

Explore the possibilities of digital printmaking through experimental techniques such as image transfer, fabric prints and more.

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Teaching with a Twist: Innovative Tweaks to Transform Your Traditional Lesson Plan

This presentation will support teachers who appreciate the irreplaceable value of traditional art lessons, but struggle with the cliche, outdated, or disengaging qualities that sometimes accompany them.

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Copic Marker Workshop

Grab your illustration markers and learn the basics that most professionals do not know in this hands-on learning clinic using Copics.

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Intaglio Printmaking

This workshop presentation shares ideas and techniques that can be used with an intaglio printing press using cardboard and water-based materials instead of copper or zinc plates.

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Monumental Art in the Classroom

This webinar demystifies the process of creating large-scale permanent works of art with students and shows how this process can be used to build an arts community within your school.

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Collaborative Installations in the Elementary Art Room

By assembling individual artworks together, you can demonstrate to your students and to the community, how each piece contributes to the final display.

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Choice: Giving Students Voice

This session peeks into choice-based strategies in a middle school art room. Applicable for any art teacher K-12.

Assessment / IL Art Standards

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New IL Standards for Elementary Art Ed

Discover how you can easily align the Illinois Visual Arts Standards with your current curriculum.

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New IL Standards to Guide Transformational Change

Learn effective strategies to support shared values & beliefs while unpacking the standards in meaningful, efficient & collaborative manner.

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Screening your Rubrics

Review what qualifies a rubric as a valid and reliable form of assessment, what it means to construct meaningful rubric criteria, and how to make an enhanced digital rubric with multiple Web 2.0 features!

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Implementing Valid Performance-Based Assessments in the Art Room

Learn about valid performance-based assessments, and how they can be implemented in the art and design room at all levels and in all classes.


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A Conceptual Artist in Every School

The idea is simple, what if there was a conceptual artist in every school?

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Learning Through Creative Problems in Art Education

Engage with the outlines the structures and shapes of creative problem and how different types of problems help students in different ways.

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Training the Creative Mind

This collection of activities will induce imaginative thinking and creative problem-solving you will be able to use in your class tomorrow!

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How Creativity Will Save Schools

Explore the nature of creativity from multiple points of view and processes and learn how to teach it specifically and purposefully

Social-Emotional Instruction

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SEL Focused Artistic Processes

Begins by focusing on the alignment of SEL Core Competencies with Illinois Visual Arts Learning Standards

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Practicing Mindfulness

Gather some go-to brain breaks with a creative twist, making them perfect for the art room setting.

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Think Like an Artist: An Introduction to the 8 Studio Habits of Mind

Learn about the 8 Habits of Mind, and why they are important to every student’s education.


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iPad & Adobe Options for Remote & Hybrid Learning

Digital media teachers showcase their favorite apps and lessons for teaching media, design, and video through the iOS Creative Cloud

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Chromebook, Mobile, & Open Source Options for Remote & Hybrid Learning

Digital media teachers showcase their favorite apps and lessons for teaching media, design, and photography through open-source and mobile apps

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Mixing Physical & Digital Art

Mixing physical and digital art will expand your curriculum, give students the opportunity to explore new media, and demonstrate learning dynamically.

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Intro to Animation using Photoshop & After Effects

Showcase of student examples, quick technical demonstrations, with resources to help you learn the basics of animating in After Effects.

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Digital Drawings with Google Draw

Learn about the work a current Chicago graphic designer and see a demonstration of Google tools and extensions to create amazing digital portraits.

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Stop-Motion Animation

Discover basic film angles and shots that will bring your students Stop-Motion Animations to the next level of digital storytelling.

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Unleash the Power of Spark!

Help your students create the coolest posters to print, simple web pages and videos to communicate their ideas.

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Putting AR in Art: Augmented Reality Made Easy

Bring the magic of augmented reality to your classroom with just a few simple steps!

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Teaching the A in STEAM with Tinkercad

Learn how Tinkercad, the free, easy-to-use app for 3D design, electronics, and coding, be used in the classroom to infuse the arts with other subjects in the production of meaningful projects.

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Building Community in the Media Arts Virtual Classroom

Filled with resources for teaching digital media arts on a variety of platforms tested by secondary Digital Media (photo, design, video & animation) Art Instructors

Equity and Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices

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Make Your Lessons Inclusive

IAEA Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee members will share how they have transformed their lessons and students’ learning through critical reflection, developing inclusive lessons, and contemporary artist talks.

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Addressing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Envision ways to transform art education practice for equity, diversity, and inclusion

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Teaching Students Who Have Experienced Trauma

Recognize students in your class who may be dealing with trauma based on current neurological research. Examples of art activities & occupational therapy techniques discussed.


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Professional Learning Communities 101

Learn effective strategies and structures for collaborating with different content teachers or as a virtual team to help ensure teachers feel integrally involved in the PLC process.

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The Connect Effect; Connecting Community to Your Classroom

Build an arts advocacy focus for your program by discovering the magic and power of community collaborations while simultaneously creating authentic experiences for your students.

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Advocacy 101

Advocate for your program through, social media, making a large footprint, show casing student work, empowering your community about the importance of the arts, creating an Art Boosters. . .

Curricular Organization

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Managing the Middle

Learn ways to organize your classroom and to engage learners through varied art curriculums.

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Surviving (and Thriving) with a Substitute

This presentation will focus on practical advice and strategies to prepare lessons and classroom supplies for the inevitable sick day.

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Art Room Hacks, Tips, and Tricks!

Gather tips, tricks, and hacks for organizing a modified choice-based classroom, keeping students fully engaged and motivated!

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Early Finisher Activities: Keep Kids Engaged in Art Making Even After They are Finished

Discover new strategies to help keep all of your students engaged throughout the entire class period, even when they are finished with their assignments.

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Art Class Logistics

Helpful suggestions to stay organized, manage materials and help student behaviors in the elementary classroom.

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Translating Online Practice for K-12

Packed with great ideas to use for remote learning!

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Organizing for Home-Centered Learning During Covid-19

Learn from founder of Online Art Teachers about how you can teach remotely during the pandemic.

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Connecting and Communicating with your Students during Challenging Times

Review the research and methods suited for connecting with students during hybrid and remote learning.