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Art Class Logistics
Wednesday, April 10th 7:30-8:00

0.5 Professional Hours Available    Pre-registration Required

Presenters: K-5 Joliet Art Teachers Katie Roberts, Deanna Hasselbring, Rene Fitz-Henley, Marty Summers-Romero, Denise Johnson, MacKenzie Powell, Jessica Zych, Marisa Dion, Brianna Hubbard

Come join us while we share some of our tips and tricks to help you on a cart or in your classroom. Helpful suggestions to stay organized, manage materials and help student behaviors. Join Katie and Deanna as they represent our fine arts team showcasing our evolving approach to art on a cart.

The K-5 Joliet Art Department is an Art team of 10 teachers. Some of our professionals have been teaching for 25 plus years while others are first-year teachers. We work in the Joliet 86 school district and teach with a very unique schedule. We partner with a music teacher and complete two, 45-minute classes in a 90-minute block within a grade level. As a team, we teach the whole grade level in a building at one time. Due to our schedule, we all teach in multiple buildings and on carts going from classroom to classroom. We will share some of our helpful tips about handling supplies, painting on a cart and some classroom management insights.

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