Webinar Recording: Incorporating Disability Arts in Your Curriculum


This talk is focused on helping teachers diversify their curriculum to respond to disability and ableism. While many teachers are diversifying their curriculum through the inclusion of artists of color, less attention has been focused on the 15% of students with IEPS with identified disabilities, and understanding their life experiences. 

Presenter: Dr. Kelly Gross

Dr. Kelly Gross is an Assistant Professor of Art and Design Education at Northern Illinois University. She is currently working on several research projects that focus on the intersection of art education, special education, and disability studies. In addition, Kelly helps run a K-5 STEAM non-profit, The Rubber Band Project, which develops project-based learning curricula. The Rubber Band Project provides elementary educational experiences in several school districts in the western suburbs, professional development workshops, and led an invited workshop in Australia. Kelly has published on disability issues I art and design education and STEAM Education. During the summer, Kelly teaches as part of the art education program at Vermont College of Fine Arts. Kelly is a former special education teacher and K-9 art teacher who has taught in New Orleans, New York City, and Chicago. Kelly holds a Ph.D in art education from NIU, an M.A. in art education from New York University, and a B.F.A. in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University.