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Advocacy Task Force

Back in November of 2012, the IAEA Board approved the Advocacy Task Force. IAEA members answered the call to participate in the Advocacy Task Force was born. Fast forward to 2018 members have connected with over a dozen art and education organizations in Illinois to build an advocacy network. The group’s purpose is to assure all students of Illinois have access to an art education and that it is part of the whole Illinois student.

Also, if you are interested in being a part of the Advocacy Task Force, email Michael Skura, sign-up below, or contact your Council’s Representative.

Meet the IAEA’s Advocacy Task Force
Contact the Advocacy Team Today!

IAEA Advocacy Advisor & Northwest Council Secretary advocacy@ilaea.org
Michael Skura

Past IAEA Advocacy Advisor & IHSAE Director

IAEA Co-Conference Coordinatorconference@ilaea.org
Eryn Blaser

IAEA President – iaeapresident@ilaea.org
Theresa McGee

IAEA Past President – pastpresident@ilaea.org
Joan Mills

IAEA Treasurer/Business Manager – businessmanager@ilaea.org
Nick Hostert

IAEA Secretary – secretary@ilaea.org
Jeanette Thompson

Policy & Research Director Art Alliance Illinois – centralvp@ilaea.org
Jonathan VanderBrug

IAEA Southern Vice President – southernvp@ilaea.org
Josh Shearer

IAEA Publications Coordinator/Electronic Editor – website@ilaea.org
Rich Stachon

IAEA Instagram Coordinator – instagram@ilaea.org
Suzanne Farr

Youth Art Month Coordinator – youthart@ilaea.org
Tricia Frost

Interested in Arts Advocacy with the IAEA?

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