Welcome to the National Art Honor Society & National Jr. Art Honor Society IAEA Interest Group!

We know how important instilling service through art can be and we want to be the support to build your program or even start from scratch!

Join us for our first annual NAHS/NJAHS Conference!

We have an awesome lineup of speakers but also want to hear success stories from NAHS/NJAHS chapters!

Please Save the date and spread the word about our 2021 NAHS/NJAHS Conference on 10/2.

In addition to Jeff Poulin, our keynote speaker’s address on creativity, we have chapter project highlights, creative workshops, and art school and career insights.  Cheryl Russell will also address your executive board on leadership in the arts, and each registered chapter will be able to have a member compete in a design throwdown in collaboration with ArtConnected.  This is a great opportunity for your group to collaborate, ideate and set new goals for the 2021 school year.

NAHS/NJAHS registration is open to all!

*Cost of Conference Covers guest speakers. Any additional revenue will go towards future events!

Registration is $10 per person, $8 for ten or more people

Please register by 9/24

NAHS/NJAHS Conference Registration


Questions? Contact Dawn Zalkus [email protected]