Webinar: Surviving (and Thriving) with a Substitute


The only thing more stressful than being sick is preparing for a substitute! Sub plans are a particular challenge for art teachers, with dozens of classes and a multitude of materials. This presentation will focus on practical advice and strategies to prepare lessons and classroom supplies for the inevitable sick day. Join Lindsey for a light-hearted look at handling the art sub experience, and walk away with some useful ideas that will provide peace of mind and help you stay home the next time you need to!

Lindsey Moss is an elementary art teacher from Yorkville, Illinois where she has held her dream job for the past sixteen years. Currently, her two favorite artists (Linden Moss, 9 and Ellison Moss, 6) are students in her art class, making work-life even sweeter. She holds an MA from Aurora University, a BS in Art Education from Northern Illinois University, and is National Board certified. In addition to her role in the public school, Lindsey also works for The Art of Education University, where she has been a writer, conference presenter, and helps to produce Art Ed Pro.