Webinar: Early Finisher Activities


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Early Finisher Activites: An Approach to Keep Kids Engaged in Art Making Even After They are Finished
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Presenter: Kelly Smith

Discover new strategies to help keep all of your students engaged throughout the entire class period, even when they are finished with their assignments. Finding ways to keep your students not only occupied, but engaged in the art-making process for the entirety of your class period can be a daunting task. But equipping yourself with a variety of resources and routines to address this issue can have a lasting impact on the flow of your classroom and the development of your students’ artistic abilities and habits.

Kelly Smith is an art educator at Marshall Elementary Gifted Academy located in Rockford, Illinois School District #205. Kelly studied Art Education with a focus on printmaking at Northern Illinois University between the years of 2010-2014. During her time at NIU, she took on the role of NAEA Student Chapter President where she was in charge of coordinating various fundraising events and meetings with colleagues. She received her Bachelor’s degree from NIU’s Art Education program in 2014 and began teaching at Marshall Elementary a few short months later. Kelly has been certified through IAGC (Illinois Association for Gifted Children) which has enabled her to better understand how gifted children learn and how they apply themselves academically. Kelly currently teaches grades 1-4 at Marshall Elementary where she has been teaching for the past 5 years. In addition to teaching, she has recently developed a strong networking community through social media where she shares her student’s art work and her curriculum ideas with other art educators. Kelly’s future plans include working towards her Master’s degree which she plans on obtaining from her alma mater, NIU.

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