Training the Creative Mind Webinar

Training the Creative Mind

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“Training the Creative Mind” is a collection of activities to induce imaginative thinking and creative problem-solving. This webinar is full of useful information you will be able to use in your class tomorrow!
Kevin Shifley has been teaching for 10+ years. The last 3 years have been at Lakes Community High School Dist. 117 in Lake Villa IL teaching Drawing/Painting/Digital Photo and AP courses. Prior to teaching at Lakes, Kevin taught K-5 art at Diamond Lake School Dist. 76. He is involved in the IHSAE Senior Scholarship Exhibition where he holds the title of assistant coordinator. After school, Kevin is a sponsor of the NAHS, art club and is the head coach of the freshman football team. Articulation and vertical alignment with Lakes HS sender schools is something Kevin has been working on since he arrived at Lakes. Kevin Graduated from Indiana University in 2004 with a BA in Visual Arts Education. In 2015 Kevin got a Master in Curriculum and Instruction.

Contact Kevin: [email protected]
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