Webinar: SEL Focused Artistic Processes

SEL Focused Artistic Processes for Every Classroom: In-Person or Virtual, Relationships Matter!

Presenter: Jen Wargin

Thank you so much for joining me for SEL Focused Artistic Processes! As my process is continually evolving, I would love feedback! My goal is that this document is useful regarding connections to SEL core competencies within our standards, lesson planning, and accessibility for teachers. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time! [email protected]
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This session will begin by focusing on the alignment of SEL Core Competencies with Illinois Visual Arts Learning Standards. I’ll showcase lesson ideas with examples focused on developing a proactive artistic wellness curriculum that engages students in an art program that is sustainable, essential, and is sure to build a lifelong connection to art and culture. Finally, I will make connections to how through this Global Pandemic, EVERYONE is relying on the arts to get us through! We can choose to see this as an opportunity!