Digital Drawings with Google Draw Webinar

Digital Drawings with Google Draw

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Digital Portrait Tutorials
Presenter: Emily Fiedler

This webinar discussed how to use the curve and polyline tools in Google Draw to create Digital Drawings. Learn about the work a current Chicago graphic designer, see a demonstration of tools and extensions and see a discussion of other possibilities for projects using the tools. Although this project is currently done with 5th-grade students, this webinar session is applicable to students of all ages.

Emily Fiedler is an elementary art teacher from Lisle, IL. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with a Bachelor of the Arts in Art Education in 2015. Currently, she teaches Kindergarten through 5th Grade art at Erickson Elementary in Bloomingdale, IL. Three years ago, Emily considered herself a “paper princess” and technologically challenged. Today, Emily is a Google Certified Educator and regularly integrates technology into her elementary art curriculum. In the near future, Emily plans to obtain a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction in hopes of helping teachers of all disciplines develop and provide unique and innovative learning opportunities for students.
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