Collagraph Intaglio Printing Webinar

Collagraph Intaglio Printing 

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Collagraph Intaglio Printing
Frank Bush” color=”grey-lite”][vc_column_text]

This workshop presentation shared ideas and techniques that can be used with an intaglio printing press using cardboard and water-based materials instead of copper or zinc plates. This technique is valuable to learn intaglio printmaking processes in public schools who do not have the resources for traditional materials or facilities to accommodate acids for etching metal plates. Lessons can be adapted for multiple age levels.

Frank Bush has been teaching art at Henry-Senachwine since 2006. Beyond teaching, I also have a passion for travel and being a Life-Long-Learner. I am an Artist/Educator and sometimes Santa from Bloomington, IL. I graduated from Illinois State University with master’s degrees in Painting and Printmaking as well as Art Education. I have exhibited throughout the Midwest and my work can be found in many private and corporate art collections throughout the country. I am an active member of the Illinois Art Education Association serving as Vice-President of the Central Council of the IAEA. I was honored to be recognized as an ROE Outstanding Educator for 2016 and was named the 2011 IAEA Early Art Educator of the year for Illinois. My Website and travel Blog can be found at:

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