Youth Art Month


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Art educators, please participate and send in your documentation !

Illinois Illusions LogoThis year’s state theme is Illinois Illusions: Past, Present and Future.  If you can tie that into any of your activities, all the better.

All IAEA members are encouraged to participate in Youth Art Month and send documentation of their Youth Art Month activities, large or small, to the Youth Art Month Coordinators. (info to send documentation to is at bottom of the page) It is important to document ALL art events and activities that take place during/around Youth Art Month. All observances and documentation materials are collected into a formal binder that is submitted to the Council For Art Education (CFAE). This binder…

—Serves as evidence for Illinois participation

—Increases political awareness

—Is displayed at the NAEA conference with all other state binders

—Is judged for national participation awards

The purpose of Youth Art Month is to draw focus to art from students, parents, school administration, and communities. Art Educators continually play a major role in organizing different types of creative activities that celebrate Youth Art Month. Art educators have demonstrated their ingenuity and passion through such activities as student exhibitions, public artworks, and arts festivals. Now is the time for you to advocate for art in your school and community. If you are unsure of what types of activities might be successful please see the examples and YAM celebration ideas listed here and in the winter Mosaic.

Lead a celebration at your school, community, or learning environment!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • -Display the Youth Art Month poster included in the winter Mosaic issue, along with student artwork.
  • -Invite local artists to come to school and share their artwork and artmaking processes with students.
  • YAMendorsement2013-Ask your administrators and school board to endorse March as Youth Art Month (use the “YAM Endorsement” form); declare it in school-wide publications.
  • -Host an afternoon or weekend student-led art-making festival for the community.
  • -Partner with a local business or the local government to use student artwork for publicity purposes.
  • -Contact local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations to cover your event!
  • -Host a potluck breakfast before school for parents and students to recognize outstanding student artists in your school.
  • -Create a bulletin board based on the state theme.
  • -Get local businesses to support your efforts and keep track of who donates anything whether it’s money or time. We need to report who is supporting our programs.
  • -Follow my YOUTH ART MONTH board on Pinterest to see even more ideas.
  • -Be sure to check out these useful letters for your principal, Superintendent, and library services.

2014 YAM poster PRINT

Send Youth Art Month documentation via email to
Judy Krueger, IAEA Youth Art Month Chair
Johnsburg High School
2002 W Ringwood Road
Johnsburg, IL 60051