A Word from the IAEA President, Nick Hostert

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Wait, I’m not finished! We’ve all experienced students’ frantic reactions to the conclusion of an art activity or the abrupt end of a class period. As artists, we’ve experienced the same difficulty in declaring an artwork complete or leaving the studio mindset for other commitments. As creative practitioners, we are never truly finished—we move forward through a series of challenges. What’s the next challenge in your practice?

The IAEA met the challenge of advocating for arts education for all students by hosting a student art show in the State Capitol, where we brought students and parents together with legislators to champion the arts.

We’ve been an integral part of the yearlong Illinois Arts Indicator Work Group, which was tasked by the Illinois State Board of Education to develop measure and weight recommendations for the Fine Arts Indicator in the Illinois Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) State Plan. Illinois is one of only two states with a fine arts indicator, and the only state in which it applies to both elementary and high school levels.

Our organization has brought new experiences to our members through engaging webinars that provide convenient professional development opportunities, and our councils have planned more frequent events to connect with local colleagues. Stay informed via social media and our website.

As educators, we’ve all seen firsthand how the visual arts empower our students and reveal their potential.   Let’s translate the excitement we experience with our students by supporting each other and sharing our strengths with fellow IAEA members.

Do you know of/have an idea for a great art education event in your area? Share it!  

Is there a topic you’d like to learn about or present via a webinar? Let us know!

What are your talents? Submit a volunteer form and we will connect you with the right people.

Are you passionate about equitable arts access in Illinois? Join our Advocacy Task Force!

It takes all of our members to advance our profession and enrich our creative lives. How will you make your voice heard?

Nick Hostert

IAEA President