Sketchbooks, New Illinois Arts Standards, & More (Working with Blick) Workshop

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Working with Blick Art Materials team from Wheaton and Ms. Joan Mills (past president of ILAEA), they will be walking with teachers through the process of creating a personalized sketchbooks and how to identify the activity and student process with the new standards. This hands on works will empower them to show their students to how to make sketchbooks themselves and use it as a resource for future projects.

Art teachers K-12th will be working with Blick to create handcrafted sketchbooks for either drawing, painting and or mixed media. They will learn how powerful the sketchbook can be for students to use as a resource for future projects and create it as it’s own artwork in itself. While this is happening Past President, Joan Mills will be helping us identify and understand the new arts standards.

IL Teaching Standards:
– ITS Content Knowledge
– ITS Planning for Instruction
– ITS Collaborative Relationships
– LFPS Resources

Rockford Art Museum
711 N. Main Street
Rockford, Illinois 61103
United States


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