Art Alliance Illinois: Call to Action!

Art Alliance Illinois: Call to Action!

Tell ISBE that the arts indicate school quality.

Here is the direct link to the action page:

We have a unique opportunity now to advance the arts as a central strategy for ensuring the quality of K–12 schools across Illinois.

Illinois will soon adopt its State Plan for implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Our State Plan under this new federal law will establish how the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) supports K–12 schools and measures school success, including which factors indicate school quality.

Tell ISBE today that Illinois’ ESSA State Plan must include the arts as a school quality indicator.

If the Plan includes the arts, it will uphold arts education as central to school quality, and reward schools for increasing access to and participation in the arts.

The current draft of the State Plan does not include the arts as an indicator. This must change. We must let ISBE know that, like so many other subjects, the arts should be fully incorporated into the Illinois ESSA State Plan.

Express your support today for including the arts as a school quality indicator.

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