e-learningIn this unprecedented time, we need each other more than ever. Many educators have been tasked with creating online learning, while others are trying to get meaningful activities to students without digital access.

We are in the same situation as you and want to create opportunities to ban together and learn! So, here is how we are getting started . . .

1. Share your learning resources HERE (Please just add ideas and learn from what has already been posted)
2. IAEA hosted two fantastic webinars last week! Check out the recordings below. Special thank you to Kerry Parrish, Sarah Cress-Ackermann and Dr. Trina Harlow for their invaluable insights and dedication to art education.
3. Feeling alone? IAEA want’s to help you connect with other art and design educators. Thanks to technology, we can make this happen virtually! PLN/PLC Groups are being formed to support you and build community.  Submit your info HERE.

Presenters: Kerry Parrish & Sarah Cress-Ackermann
Link to Thursday Presentation


Presenter: Dr. Trina Harlow

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