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NE WorkshopInaugural Initiative: NE Council “Mini-Workshop” Series

The Northeast Council’s goal is that many art educators from the region will volunteer to be the host of their very own workshop. The intent of the workshop series is to provide a wide variety of teacher led opportunities across the region. You can get involved as a presenter or participant in a wide range of teacher led opportunities. The focus will be on strengthening our professional network, improving visual art instruction, hands-on workshops, curricular discussions, standards, exhibitions, tours and so much more.

How to Submit a Proposal

Everyone is invited to submit a proposal(s) for the Northeast Council, “Mini-Workshop” Series 2014. We would like to have all proposals submitted by March 31, 2014. Once all ideas are in and compiled, presenters will be notified, sessions will be schedule, events calendar developed and posted for members to sign-up.

To submit a proposal click here.