Art is not always about paper, paint, and clay; it’s about ‘Celebrating Creativity’ throughout a students’ day. Learn about Newspaper Fashion Shows, Edible Color Wheels, Artistic Photo Stories, Artsy Games, as well as many other Cross Curricular Activities. Please feel free to bring your own ideas to share too!


Westfield Middle School –
149 Fairfield Way
Bloomingdale, Illinois 60108


Wednesday, January 14th 2015


4:00pm till whenever? If people need to come late, that is no problem!


FREE $0 But please bring a snack to share!

Participants Allowed: 

24 max


Teacher: Deyana Matt – Email [email protected] with questions.
freestyle photographic workshopThe IAEA’s Northeast Council partnered with Freestyle Photographic Supply on Wednesday night, September 24th to offer area teachers a free workshop at Niles West High School. Freestyle Photo provided teachers with some truly great information on how to take ordinary photographs and make them extraordinary. Participants were also provided with a free gift for attending. The evening concluded with a presentation by Chris Sykora on “Social Constructivism“. Thanks to all our attendees for making the evening a success!.
The Northeast Council is planning to bring Freestyle back this coming Spring. In this next workshop, teachers will spend the day with two objectives in mind: (1) learning how to properly select the right paper for printing and (2) printing their own personal photos using a variety of specially selected papers and printers. Date and time TBD.

The IAEA’s Northeast East Council in conjunction with Freestyle Photographic is sponsoring a free workshop for art educators. The focus of this event is the importance of printing and all the different media available today. The evening will conclude with a presentation/discussion led by Chris Sykora from Deerfield High School on social awareness projects, facilitating students towards self-guided curriculum that is experience based, and using inquiry as the vehicle for learning.

The workshop will be held at Niles West High School on Wednesday, September 24th from 6-8pm. Niles West HS is located at 5701 W. Oakton St. in Skokie. Space will be available for 24 participants. Registration id now open and can be completed by logging on to

*All participants will receive a generous gift courtesy of Freestyle Photographic for their participation.


Social Constructivism Applied to the Digital Classroom.

Presented by Chris Sykora

Participants will take part in a presentation and discussion on themes surrounding social awareness projects, facilitating students towards self-guided curriculum that is experience based, and using inquiry as the vehicle for learning.

Discussion will center around applying practical approaches including examples, as well as, theory to contemporary and conceptual art experiences, touching on Olivia Gude’s work on “why we need new art styles for contemporary thought”. Participants will examine the new art styles are about free and creative self-expression and pushing students to being involved in the world. We will talk about how meaning is constructed and how it operates in physical space, valuing experience as much as making, moving outside of the classroom. Learn to value your role as a teacher, and as an artist collaboratively making real art with your students, not under the guise of a standardized curriculum, but with student ownership and free expression as the fuel.

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Instructional, Aspirational, Assessable

Using the Next Generation Visual Arts Standards

Join us for an overview of the new standards focusing on how Enduring Understandings, Essential Questions and grade-by-grade learning progressions paint a clear picture for students, teachers, administrators, parents and communities of what is gained through high quality arts education. Take a guided tour of the newly developed Model Cornerstone Assessments to explore important shifts in observing and documenting learning outcomes. Participants will collaboratively consider how the new standards suggest indicators of students’ knowledge and skills and then strategize as to how such indicators can become powerful evidence of student learning and authentic measures of teacher effectiveness. Presented by Olivia Gude with Anne Becker. Continue reading “NEW Art Standards Workshop”