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IAEA is excited to bring educators together with a common purpose through the 1st Annual Art Educator Show! We hope to encourage teachers to continue to be practicing artists and how to celebrate the talents of our areas art educators. So, we are thrilled to announce that on Friday, April 17th, 2015 the Bridgeport Art Center will play host to the 1st Annual Art Educator Show.
Art educators from all across the Chicagoland area will have a unique opportunity to come together for this one-of-a-kind event…an exhibition that’s focused on celebrating the creative talents of art educators. Often, teaching can be an all consuming profession, leaving us with little time or no time to pursue our own creative aspirations. So, whether you’re actively making art or it’s been a few years, there’s no time like the present.

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Using the Next Generation Visual Arts Standards


If you missed the two workshops introducing the next generation visual arts standards you can find the resources right here! Our presenters were Olivia Gude and Anne Becker. Read more about them below.


Olivia Gude is a member of the Visual Arts Writing Team for the Next Generation Core Arts Standards, a Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and winner of the 2014 National Art Education Manuel Barkan Award. Anne Becker is the president of the Illinois Art Education Association and associate professor of Art Education at Columbia College Chicago.  Continue reading “New Core Arts Standards Workshop Resources”

Deepen your knowledge of  the National Visual Arts Standards and discover how to maximize the standards as a touchstone through these professional learning opportunities.

National visual arts standardsClick here to register: National Visual Arts Standards Interactive Virtual Learning Conference
September 27 & 28, 2014
Saturday: 1:00-4:45 pm ET | Sunday: 1:00-4:15 pm ET
$89 for NAEA Members; $129 for Non-Members

New: National Core Arts Standards

Besides these workshops remember you can use the IAEA website, Facebook, Twitter, and Art Ed 2.0 to connect to other Art Educators around the world.

IAEA members are invited to submit an application for the IAEA Artisan Gallery that will be held during the IAEA conference. The Artisan Gallery will be part of the President’s Reception Friday evening, November 7, in the Savoy Ballroom. You can download the entry form here.The form is also available on the Conference Page on the IAEA website and in the spring Mosaic issue. The deadline to submit an application for the IAEA Artisan Gallery is October 10, 2014.

Congratulations to all the 2014 IAEA Student Show Winners!

Student Name Grade School Name Teacher Name
Aleena Patel K Dryden Elementary School Tricia Fuglestad
Eddie Hancock K Algonquin Road School Mary Ellen Bebber
Josh Poces-Bell K Longwood Elementary School Angie Bader
Lucy Wold 1st John Stewart Elementary School Heidi Gilkey
Nicole Belicke 1st John Shields Elementary School Colleen Grigg
Juliana LaScola 1st Quest Academy Sheryl Peterson
Nora Kate Walsh 2nd St. Clement School Kristen Peck
Willa Sabelko 2nd John Shields Elementary School Lisa Molitor
Adam Haak 2nd Westminster Christian School Daryl Van Eck
Naruto Tsuji 3rd Lincoln School Lee Ann Langsfeld
Neil Shastri 3rd Meadow Ridge School Eryn Blaser
Kyia Peake 3rd Mossville School Brian DuPont
Akshata Tiwari 4th Fry Elementary School Joan Mills
Angelica Dabek 4th McDole Elementary School Laurel Scigouski
Vaughn Blad 4th John Stewart Elementary School Laura Baker
Faith Bartkowiak 4th Blackberry Creek Elementary  Kara Berth
Cole Heider 5th Prospect Elementary School Susan Tiemstra
Ben Ognibene 5th Monroe Elementary School Theresa McGee
Jackson Lind 5th Bureau Valley North Susan Berry
Emma Van Wagner 5th Wheaton Christian Grammar School Lora Hattendorf
Lexy Selof 6th Lake Zurich M.S. North Jacqueline Bevan
Katelynn Condrea 6th Harvest Christian School Jennifer Serrato
Jack Rosenberg 7th Sandburg Middle School Jennifer Leban
Ella Zona 7th Thomas Metcalf School Peggy Finnegan
Presley Alvarez 8th Oak Lawn Hometown M.S Mara Petraitis
Ramona Klymuik 8th Glenn Westlake Middle School Alicia York
Benjamin Gartlan 8th St. Mary Gostyn Amy Boone
Thuy-An Nguyen 8th Still Middle School Donna Davis
Lindsey King 9th Belvidere High School Jilian Reints
Elizabeth Kiernick 9th CHAMPS Homeschool Co-Op Nancy Gilles
Jordan Nguyen 9th DeKalb High School Katie Hunt
Drew Gaines  10th Highland Park High School Alicia Landes
Ericka Krause 10th Lisle Senior High School Venessa Hardy
Rachel Brummel  11th  Bureau Valley High School Sheila Heth
Meera Joshi 11th Naperville Central High School Daniela Cirone
Cameron Schott  11th Carmel Catholic High School Sheela Gladwell
Taylor Sparbanie 11th Neuqua Valley High School Karyl Silerzio
Maddie King 12th Westminster Christian School Dr. Carol Bristol
Joseph Smith 12th Providence St. Mel  Jennifer Rhoades
Andrea Hughes 12th Henry- Senachwine H.S. Frank Bush

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Reminder: March 1 is the deadline to submit session and workshop proposals for on-site presentations at the Sheraton Hotel (for mail-in and online submissions.) If you have submitted an ONLINE proposal, please email proposal chair Vicki Kanik at: [email protected] to let her know that you have submitted an online proposal (some files have ended up in her spam folder.) Include “IAEA 2014 Proposal” in your subject line.

The 2014 IAEA mail-in conference proposal forms are available to download from the Conference Page. Use this link for INSTRUCTIONS in preparing your proposal submissions.

2014 Mail-In Session Proposal Form (Deadline March 1, 2014)

2014 Mail-In Workshop Proposal Form  (Deadline March 1, 2014)

ROCKFORD — Rockford Public Schools will use a $1.2 million grant in the next four years to offer arts-infused math instruction to students who struggle with traditional math.

The program will target sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders at Kennedy and Flinn middle schools. Students there who take two math classes Continue reading “Art to help struggling Rockford math students”