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Remote Learning

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SEL Focused Artistic Processes for Every Classroom: In-Person or Virtual, Relationships Matter!

Presenter: Jen Wargin

Thank you so much for joining me for SEL Focused Artistic Processes! As my process is continually evolving, I would love feedback! My goal is that this document is useful regarding connections to SEL core competencies within our standards, lesson planning, and accessibility for teachers. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time! [email protected]
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This session will begin by focusing on the alignment of SEL Core Competencies with Illinois Visual Arts Learning Standards. I’ll showcase lesson ideas with examples focused on developing a proactive artistic wellness curriculum that engages students in an art program that is sustainable, essential, and is sure to build a lifelong connection to art and culture. Finally, I will make connections to how through this Global Pandemic, EVERYONE is relying on the arts to get us through! We can choose to see this as an opportunity!

Presenter: Luke Jenner
Luke’s YouTube Channel with tons of resources and video walkthroughs

This session will be a lesson share of 3-4 projects taught in the entry-level high school animation classroom. I’ll showcase student examples, quick technical demonstrations, and provide resources to help you learn the basics of animating in the two software.

Luke JennerLuke Jenner is a high school art & design teacher at JB Conant High School in Hoffman Estates, IL, specializing in teaching digital media including graphic design, video, animation, 3D modeling, game design, and more. He holds a BS in Art Education from DePaul University and is currently an MFA candidate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Alongside showing artwork in urban contemporary galleries in Chicago, he has spent time working with the Illinois High School Art Exhibition and building district-level cross-curricular classes to involve art and design in the STEM to STEAM conversation. Luke has previously presented at two IAEA conferences showcasing introductory lessons to transition students from still projects in Adobe Photoshop into animation work using Adobe After Effects.

Presenter: Jon Grice

Presenter Resources:
Blended Team Collaboration Handout
Kinard PLC Flow Chart
Kinard PLC Flow Chart (Blank for you to fill in)

This session will review the big ideas and concepts behind Professional Learning Communities (PLC) while addressing the challenges that may arise for singleton teachers. I’ll share effective strategies and structures for collaborating with different content teachers or as a virtual team to help ensure teachers feel integrally involved in the PLC process.

Grice-Headshot-2018-cropped-150x150Jon Grice is the Director of Fine Arts at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Illinois. Prior to Stevenson, Jon served as the Fine Arts Department Chair and Visual Arts teacher at Riverside Brookfield High School in Illinois. Jon holds a master of arts in educational leadership from Concordia University and a bachelor’s degree in visual arts education from Northern Illinois University. In 2017, Jon was recognized by the National Art Education Association for the Western Regional Supervisor / Art Administrator of the Year. In 2016, he earned the Art Administrator / Supervisor of the Year from the Illinois Art Education Association. Jon has presented on a number of topics that include Professional Learning Communities, Standards-Based Grading, Unpacking Standards, and Using Student Learning Objectives to Support Professional Development & Response to Intervention. Jon helped co-author “The New Art and Science of Teaching Art and Music: Effective Teaching Strategies Designed for Music and Art Education” with Robert Marzano and Mark Onuscheck, as well as “Proficiency-Based Grading in the Content Areas: Insights and Key Questions for Secondary Schools” with a number of colleagues from Stevenson. You can learn more about these texts here.

Digital Get’s Dirty HANDOUT

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Digital Photography has made making a print as simple as clicking and printing. But what if you brought that process back into the art studio? This webinar will be a preview of some of the many techniques that will be offered during the NAEA20 hands-on session called Digital Gets Dirty. You will explore the possibilities of digital printmaking through experimental techniques such as image transfer, fabric prints and more. You will learn about the many substrates that a photograph can be printed onto including fabric, metal, glass, wood, and stone. Learn how to transform a photo into a true work of art. There are some great connections to TAB and STEAM studio practices too. Enrich your work with students or extend your own art practice.

Jeanne BjorkJeanne Bjork is a high school art teacher at Pewaukee High School in Pewaukee, WI. She has presented at the Wisconsin and National Art Ed conferences on many subjects but is most passionate about photography. Bjork holds an MA in Visual Studies and a BA in Art Education and Graphic Communications. Outside of the field of education, she has worked as a web designer and graphic designer. She has also worked as Director of Education at Betty Brinn Children’s Museum in Milwaukee, WI. Jeanne is a member of the Wisconsin Art Education Association Board serving as the web designer and social media coordinator. Jeanne has written and published multiple articles in Davis Publications School Arts magazine. Jeanne recorded podcasts with The Art of Education and Education Closet. She is also a frequent participant in #k12artchat on Twitter. Jeanne loves spending time outdoors and travels frequently around the Midwest and beyond. During her travels she is always shooting photos and looking for great art shops, museums and galleries to visit. She also loves to garden, cook and knit. All of these hobbies find their way into her own art practices and classroom.